Guide on how to care for your Core Rule Book
The Core Rulebook is a whopping 640 pages.
Follow this guide if you don’t want to ruin it’s spine.
by u/TheGentlemanDM

Initiative Card Template
Great Initiative card templates for the GM to be able to see a Character’s stats on the fly. Great for those secret rolls. Has different versions based on what information you may want to have on hand, including versions where you can put the character portrait and hang over your GM screen.
Initiative Card
by u/chocochobi

Actions Cheat sheets. Pick your favorite.

Actions Cheat Sheet
Action cards 1
by u/Azreaal

Actions Cheat Sheet
Action cards 2
by u/scientificbruno

Sheet for activities and actions you pick up
Action cards 3
by u/TheRollPlayers

Action Cards without art
Printer friendly version of the unfinished cards by u/thebadbishop1.
Action cards without art

Action cards (GM & PCs tool)
(Prototype/Possibly abandoned)
by u/Boomcrash1

Action Card Layout
Unfinished and likely abandoned unfortunately. They Looked fantastic so hopefully someone will take them up.
by u/thebadbishop1 (WIP)

Ecounter XP Builder (and eventual combat tracker)
Excel application to calculate experience earned by each player.
However it seems to still have some bugs that need to be worked out.
There’s also an experimental Google Sheets version 
Exp Calculator
by u/Samurai_XtC

Simple Encounter Builder
Google Sheets based encounter Builder
Encounter Builder
by u/swordchucks1

Encounter Builder  (WIP)
Web based Encounter Builder.
Encounter Builder 2
by u/FryGuy1013

PF2E Tools
System Reference Guide library that also includes an encounter builder.
Encounter Builder 3by u/beaushinkle

Random Loot Generator
Google Sheets based Loot GeneratorLoot Generatorby u/chgiamo

Random Items Table lvl 1-2
Loot Generating Table.
Loot Generator
by u/Snarls-at-Fleas

Wealth Conversion Table
by u/fowlJ

Average Damage Calculation Spreadsheet
Excel Sheet to calculate probabilities of attacks hitting based on your Attack Bonus and the target’s Armor Class.
Attack Bonus calculator.JPGby u/raggedrook

Organized RPG Events Groups
Warhorn is a website to promote games in your city. It’s used quite a bit for Pathfinder Society Games.
at Warhorn

Bestiary Stats Spreadsheet
Bestiary Stats
by u/tqomins

Class Proficiency Chart
Class Proficiencies
by u/tqomins

2E Class “Cheat Sheet”
Class cheat sheetby u/NovaX81

Comparing Proficiencies by Class
Class cheat sheet 2by u/kogarou

GingerGiant’s Proficiency Tables
by u/GingerGiant247

Medicine Math
A calculator to tell you which DC to use for Treat Wounds to get the most average healing
Medicine DC Sheet
by u/SmartAlec105

Character Suggestion Spreadsheet
A randomized Character creator
Character creator
by u/tqomins

Condition Cards
by u/crazy_pickle

A Combat Skill+Exploration+Downtime Cheatsheet
by u/GhostBob

Skills & Actions cheat sheet (WIP)
Skills Cheat sheet
by u/Psycs

Quick Comerce Buy-Sell Autosheet
A Google Docs Sheet to help you auto calculate the amount of money received after selling gear.
by u/Tekla_Arts

Crafting Autosheet
A Google Docs Sheet to help you through the game’s the Crafting Process.
Craft Sheet
by  u/Tekla_Arts

Automatic Turn List with Bestiary

by  u/Tekla_Arts

Affliction Flow Chart